In the imaging industry, it has been said that this will be the decade of 3-D. With this in mind and
with all the hype surrounding 3-D content at the moment, it is important to remember the ONLY
technologry capable of producing TRUE 3-D, holography. Holography is the only recording method
capable of producing true three dimensional images... holograms. The truth is there are an awful lot
of competing 3-D technologies wanting to call their stuff "holograms" and "holographic" in nature.
And the simple fact is, in most cases, it simply is'nt true! There is a reason they want to borrow our
terminology... the scientific term is actual "wavefront recording and reconstruction of light", and it just
happens to make holograms the only current method of displaying true 3-D, just like in real life!
Awesome stuff that cannot be replicated by any other 3-D method. Remember that when you shop
for 3-D content. Holograms are accomplished as a photographic method using coherent laser light to record an
interference pattern on light sensitive media which contains both intensity and wavefront
properties of the light reflecting off an object(s). Forth Dimension Holographics and the GEOLA Group
have been manufacturing and producing TRUE HOLOGRAMS and HOLOGRAPHIC technologies for
over 20 years.

This section will help you to understand the basics of display holograms and the holography
we produce. Please feel free to contact us with additional questions.