holography books and kits

We offer a select group of books and hologram kits for those interested in learning more about
holography or making their holograms inexpensively. Listed books, kits, and holographic
material prices do not include shipping and handling charges.

Holography Marketplace, 8th Edition- Ross Books. Industry guide for holography. $22.95.

Shoebox Holography, F. DeFreitas, A. Rhody, S. Michael. Instructional book on making holograms
with new low cost diode laser.

Holography Handbook, 2nd Edition- F. Unterseher, J. Hansen, B. Schlesinger. Comprehensive how-to book on
making holograms for hobbyist and pro alike.

Practical Holography, 3rd Edition- G. Saxby. Newly revised bible of display holography. $85.00.

Silver Halide Materials for Holography and Their Processing, 2nd Edition- H. Bjelkhagen. Highly informative
book on the chemical processing of silver halide holograms.

Litiholo- Hologram making kit. Complete all in one (laser, film, & accessories), fast and easy kit for making
low cost holograms with dry processing photopolymer material.
$139.95. * Please note: not for producing
high quality holograms

For professional Silver Halide and DCG holo recording materials please visit our
"Holographic Materials Page".