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Forth Dimension Holographics is the only company able to offer both
analog and the new full-color digital pulsed holograms for the USA
commercial marketplace.

FDH is very proud to offer through our European partners, GEOLA Digital,
the very latest in state-of-the-art full-color digital holographic
printing currently being internationally branded as i-Lumograms. i-Lumograms are a
brand new media. We can now print true 3-D holograms in any size, with time animation
and movement, and in true colors. i-Lumogram holographic prints are produced directly
from 3D CGI data (3ds Max, Maya, CAD, etc.), either by our own experienced in-house
3D design team or from client supplied files. Alternatively, real-life scenes can now be
filmed using our proprietary 4D Holo-Cam image capture system.

We currently serve as the North America service bureau for the printing of all i-Lumograms
holograms printed by GEOLA. Data is uploaded via FTP, printed in Vilnius Lithuania,
and shipped to our facilities in Indiana for finishing before being sent to the customer.

Both the analog and new digital holographic recording technologies offer the very
latest in true 3D imaging available anywhere in the world today. Please contact us
for more information about utilizing these exciting new holographic recording
methods for your next educational, promotional, or advertising campaign.