Forth Dimension Holographics was founded in 1992 with the express intent of promoting
and evolving 3D display holography to the mass markets. As such, and with our partners
internationally, FDH has become a leader in the manufacture and development of
volumetric display holography and associated markets in the United States.

Rob Taylor attended Indiana & Purdue University's fine arts photography programs. He began
his studies of holography under Dr. T.H. Jeong at Lake Forest College. In the 90's, Mr. Taylor
traveled extensively to the former Soviet Republic of Vilnius Lithuania & together with a group
of Russian scientists, was instrumental in the development & importation of the first automated
pulsed holographic turn-key camera studio system. In 1999 he opened Forth Dimension
Holography Studios in Nashville Indiana which is currently one of three commercial pulsed
holography studios in the United States. Founder & President of Forth Dimension Holographics,
Mr. Taylor currently runs his own studio & gallery & sells, trains, & installs pulsed holographic
camera studios in North & South America.