The FDH/Geola Network supplies both Certified Silver Halide and Dichromated Gelatin emulsions
for holography and photo technical applications. FDH/Geola supply the following materials:

- Fine grain, green-sensitive VRP-M emulsions for both Pulsed and CW laser recording of holograms.

-  Fine grain, red sensitive PFG-01 material for CW recording.

- Ultra fine grain emulsions PFG-03M (red sensitive) and PFG-03C (panchromatic) for CW laser recording.

- Long-life Dichromated Gelatine emulsion PFG-04 for recording in the blue and green spectral ranges.

- PFS and VRP photo technical materials for photo-mask production and spectral analysis.

All of the Silver Halide materials are available coated onto glass or TAC film substrate and cover a wide
range of sizes.
We would refer the reader to the latest work of Dr. Hans I. Bjelkhagen* entitled
"Processing Techniques for SLAVICH and Other New Silver Halide Emulsions for Holography" for
in-depth processing information.

Now available for a limited time only.

Discontinued FUJI F HL Panchromatic Holographic Film. 50x60cm sheets- 10/box. $1,100.00 plus shipping.

*Disclaimer: Kindly supplied to FDH/Geola by Dr. Hans I. Bjelkhagen. Geola makes no guarantees concerning the
information provided therein.