GxJ laser line

The GxJ series comprises lasers based on a Nd:YLF oscillator and Phosphate Glass amplifiers. The lasers produce near-diffraction limited single-longitudinal mode super-gaussian radiation in the nanosecond regime from 2 to 16 J per pulse (fundamental harmonic) and from 1 J to 8 J per pulse (second harmonic). Design features include a highly stable passively Q-switched ring-cavity oscillator, 2-pass amplification using ultra-high energy threshold Brillouin phase conjugation mirror and optional frequency conversion to the second or third harmonics by DKDP. In addition to constituting highly versatile laboratory tools all GxJ lasers are rigorously designed to meet the high standards required for display and technical holography applications.

-  Built-in digital energy meter;
-  Control of all functions from a PC;

System Features
Wireless Remote Control
LCD Pulse Counters
Digital Count-Down to Next Pulse
Low Energy Pilot Mode for Alignment
Programming of Amplifier and Oscillator Voltages
Push-Button Selection of Pilot and High Energy Modes
Laser-Coolant Temperature Stabilization with digital Read-out
CE compliant

Technical Parameters of the most popular models

Model G2J G5J
Output Wavelength: 1053 nm 526.5 nm 351 nm 1053 nm 526.5 nm 351 nm
Max Output Energy: 4J; 2J; 1J 10J; 5J; 2.5J
Pulse Duration: 30 ns 30 ns
Beam Diameter (1/e²): <10 mm <16 mm
Beam Divergence: Near Diffraction Limit Near Diffraction Limit
Coherence Length: >5 m >5 m
Repetition Rate    
(a) Pilot Mode: 0.5...2 Hz 0.5...2 Hz
(b) General Mode: 1 pulse per 3 mins 1 pulse per 3 mins
Laser Head Size: 1100 x 350 x 250 mm 1100 x 450 x 250 mm
Laser Head Weight: <28 Kg <47 Kg
Flash Tube Lifetime    
(a) Oscillator: 5 x 106 shots 5 x 106 shots
(b) Amplifier 1: 5 x 106 shots 5 x 106 shots
(c) Amplifier 2: N/A 5 x 106 shots
Advised Operating Temperature: 20 oC 20 oC
Advised Operating Humidity: <60% non-condensing <60% non-condensing
Warranty Period: 12 months 12 months
Geola reserves the right to change specifications without notice

Optical Schemes and Characteristics

Optical Scheme for Model G2J

Optical Scheme for Model G5J

Pilot Mode (All models)
Typical Energy Distribution at a 10m distance from the laser output.

High Energy Mode (G2J, E=2J)
Typical Energy Distribution - Near-Field

High Energy Mode (G2J, E=2J)
Typical Energy Distribution at 10m distance from the laser output.

Histogram showing shot to shot Energy
Stability for the GxJ Oscillator (526.5nm)

Typical Near Field Distribution
(G5J E=5J - 526.5nm)

Typical Temporal Pulse Shape
(G5J - 526.5nm)