2018 substrate sizes & price list

     Glass Plates      Size         Quantity      Price
VRP-M, PFG-01, PFG-03M, PFG-03C, PFG-04  63x63mm     30 plates/box     $120.00
VRP-M, PFG-01  63x63mm     5 plates/pack     $35.00
VRP-M, PFG-01, PFG-03M, PFG-03C, PFG-04 102x127mm     25 plates/box    $320.00
VRP-M, PFG-01 102x127mm     5 plates/pack     $75.00
VRP-M, PFG-01, PFG-03C 300x406mm     6 plates/box    $515.00
VRP-M 406x609mm     4 plates/box    Inquire.
VRP-M 609x812mm     2 plates/box    Inquire.


      Film (190mk)       Size        Quantity      Price
VRP-M, PFG-01  50x50mm   30 sheets/pack   $55.00
VRP-M, PFG-01  50x50mm   10 sheets/pack   $25.00
VRP-M, PFG-01 102x127mm   50 sheets/pack   $175.00
VRP-M, PFG-01 102x127mm   10 sheets/pack   $45.00
VRP-M, PFG-01 300x400mm     5 sheets/pack   $175.00
VRP-M, PFG-01 102mmx20M           1 roll   $485.00
VRP-M, PFG-01 350mmx10M           1 roll   $785.00
VRP-M, PFG-01 1,000mmx10M           1 roll   Inquire.
PFG-03CN Please Inquire Inquire. Inquire.

*Subject to availability. Other sizes and/or quantities available. Please inquire.


*Warranty Period: For the following storage conditions- 30% humidity, 4 deg. Celsius.

          VRP-M, PFG-01 glass plates & roll film- 18 months, cut film sheets- 12 months.

          PFG-03M, PFG-03C glass plates & roll film- 12 months, cut film sheets- 8 months.

          PFG-04 glass plates- 6 months.


*Payment Terms: Prepayment with Check or Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover.

          Terms available to universities and businesses upon pre-approval only .


*Discounts: Quantity discounts available- please inquire.


*Stock: We try to keep popular emulsions & sizes are kept in stock EXW Nashville, Indiana. Otherwise, all materials are shipped EXW Vilnius Lithuania.


*Technical Assistance: Updated information, technical data, and latest processing 

          techniques may be found at- www.slavich.com. Current brochure with specifications

          & processing instructions is available for download in .pdf format- Slavich Brochure.


*Processing Chemistry: FDH does not sell chemicals. Holographic processing 

         chemistry may be obtained from- Photographers Formulary or Sigma-Aldrich.


*Guarantee: In the unlikely event that any product is found to be defective due to

         manufacture and this product has been sold through FDH, the product will be 

         replaced free of charge in the shortest amount of time possible.


*Disclaimer: Prices & availability subject to change without notice. Due to the current

         fluctuations in the USD/Euro exchange rates prices may differ slightly. FDH will not 

         be held responsible for any damages (including consequential) resulting in the use of 

         these products as specified or otherwise.