HS pulsed studio systems

The HS series Holographic Pro-Studio is an integrated computer controlled system that has been designed for the semi-automatic production of transmission and reflection display holograms. Designed to be installed into a room larger than 5m x 5m, the system can produce display holograms of up to 40cm by 60cm.

Main optical unit of the standard HS2 Holographic Pro-Studio (left) and Transfer Rig (right)

Based on state-of-the-art pulsed laser technology the HS can be installed virtually anywhere and can be used to produce holograms of people, animals or 3D objects extremely rapidly and with astonishing ease. Very little training is required for operation.

With Geola's "Digital Option" the HS can produce holograms direct from a computer model or from data obtained from a 3D scanner. Using Geola's "Large Format Option" holograms of up to 100cm x 140cm may be printed.


 Markets & Applications

  • Advertising & Promotion: 3D Posters & Displays, POP Displays;

  • Product Enhancement, Sales Presentations, Interactive & Mixed Media Displays;

  • Celebrity Product Endorsement;

  • 3D Portraiture: VIPs, Celebrities, Family, Children, Wedding, Pets & Animals;

  • Medical 3D imaging for Surgery and Analysis;

  • Reproduction of Museum Exhibits and Archival Artifact Recording;

  • Virtual Prototyping and 3D copying;

  • Artistic Development and Teaching;

  • 3D capture & Analysis of Ultra-High Speed events.