Pulsed Solid-State Lasers for Scientific and Industrial Applications

pulsed laser models

Forth Dimension Holographics offers pulsed solid-state lasers for scientific and industrial applications. The key features of our lasers are:
- Broad range of emitting wavelengths: 260nm-1300nm
- All colours in the visible range
- Single transverse and single longitudinal mode (SLM)
- High stability of the laser radiation energy and pulse length
- Transform limited sub-nanosecond and picosecond pulses
- Rigid Super-Invar rod design with precise temperature stabilization

Forth Dimension Holographics offers the production of customized pulsed Solid-State Lasers to your specifications.  Please contact us for more information.

Name of Laser series


Solid State Repetitive Nd:YAG

Pulsed Lasers

The lasers produce TEM00 SLM radiation in the nanosecond regime  from 0.2J(20Hz) to 2J(10Hz) per pulse at fundamental harmonic and from 0.1J to 1.2J at second harmonic.
SLM Nd:YLF/Glass High Energy

Pulsed Lasers

The lasers produce single shot TEM00 SLM radiation in the nanosecond regime from 2 to 16 J per pulse (fundamental harmonic) and from 1 to 8J (second harmonic).
RGB and Multi-Wavelength

Pulsed Lasers

 RGB lasers produce visible Red, Green and Blue emissions in the nanosecond regimes.
lasers produce many specific wavelengths
from 1335 to 260nm.
The lasers produce TEM00 SLM radiation at a variety of energies. Repetition rate - from 1 to 25Hz.
Solid Stated Sub-ns Phase Conjugated Pulsed Lasers Lasers produce emissions in the sub-nanosecond and picosecond regimes. The lasers produce TEM00 pulse transform limited radiation at a variety of wavelengths, energies, pulse durations and repetition rates.