Our stock image library of display holograms keeps growing and now has some forty images represented. All of our 3D stock image holograms are of live subjects or real subject matter shot actual size in FDH studios using our propietary pulsed laser holographic capture camera system. Each art hologram can be framed and must be lit with a halogen spot lamp from above and over the hologram for proper viewing.

"Forth Dimension's holograms are to photographs what photography was to painting.

When I first saw Forth Dimension Holographics work in Nashville Indiana, I 

immediately fell in love with the uniqueness of the art. I have bought several 

holograms and couldn't be happier with the detail and quality of the medium." 

-Greg Rosenburg, Weston Virginia


*Please note it is impossible to show the true three dimensional representation of our custom

holographic images with any current photographic or digital techniques. Aspects such as

extreme resolution, true horizontal & vertical parallax, extended projection and scene depth into

viewing environment, etc., are impossible to show on a computer monitor or other 2D surface.

These 2D images of actual holograms are for representational purposes only.