technology applications

Chose the right Geola's machine for your application

Advertising, promotion and product enhancement:

more than 1000 copies

less than 1000 copies

HRIPTM together with G3D

HS Studio with digital add-on

Point of Sales Promotion
Cinema Film Promotion
Trade Booths and Exhibitions
Brand and Corporate Communication
Global Promotion and Advertisement
Indoor and outdoor Promotion
Posters, Decoration & Large 3D Prints

Virtual prototyping, artistic development and teaching:

HS Studio with digital add-on

Effectively demonstrate your ideas and concepts with a 3D "hard copy"
Share 3D designs with others
Print a new design in 3D and have an idea of what it really looks like
Test the market with holographic prototypes
Try a new concept in the decorative art - hologram and painting combination
Various imprinted three-dimensional models for teaching purpose.

Medical 3D imaging for Surgery and Analysis

HS Studio with digital add-on and HSM for patient face shape capture in any location

Craniafacial surgery where exact 3-D images of a patient's head are of vital use to the surgeon (see example on CAESAR foundation web site)
effective display of tomographic data from MRI and CT scans to the superposition of proposed bone implants in an accurate 3-D model of a patient's face. 

Three-dimensional capturing and presentation of a real objects

HS Studio for stationary work,
  HSM for three-dimensional images capturing in any location

3D Portraiture: VIPs, celebrities, family, children, wedding, pets & Animals etc.
Accurate Duplication of historical and archeological artifacts
Traveling holographic studios

Scientific applications

HS Studio, stand-alone or with digital add-on

Three-dimensional capturing of ultra fast events
Archiving of Historical & Archeological Artifacts
Remote Inspection
Biological Tissue Analysis
Educational Uses
Digital three-dimensional data display
(Medical, Geology, Chemistry, Astronomy etc.)