pulsed laser upgrades

including: beam reshaping kit, 20mm aperture amplification stage, power supply unit and frequency doubler for the upgrade of serial Nd:YAG laser up to 5J, 532nm
(this upgrade was manufactured for Stockholm Royal Technological University in 1999)
Price - 26,000 USD.

Now you do not have to buy a new pulsed Nd:YLF or Nd:YAG laser if the one that you have does not satisfy you anymore.

By adding a external module(s) at the output of your laser you can continue to use your existing laser(s). Everything can be installed at your facilities at very reasonable prices.

We can upgrade your existing lasers with:

Increasing the output Energy by adding: Amplification stage(s) to the output of your existing pulse laser.

Shifting your wavelength UP or DOWN by adding: Wavelength Shifting Modules (Raman cells or Frequency Conversion Crystals).

Shortening your laser pulse duration by adding: SBS & SRS Pulse Compression Modules (from nanosecond to picosecond/femtosecond).

Reshaping your beam profile by adding: Beam Shape Forming Module (SBS-cells and vacuum spatial filters).

Line width narrowing by adding: Single Longitudinal Mode Master-Oscillators with passive Q-switching or EO prelasing control.

If you would like more information about this service please do not hesitate to contact us, giving us the output specifications of your laser(s) and the new specifications that you desire.