Forth Dimension Holographics is very proud to offer our commissioned pulsed

holographic fine art portraiture. Our ability to capture a loved

one in true life size three dimensional form with detail orders of magnitude

over any other photographic medium in existence put our studios and portraits

in a class all its own.


The startling realism and ability to instill an individuals unique character, charm,

and personality in our 3D holo-portraits have made our studios reputation world

renowned. We have now commissioned portraits for clients in nearly every state

in the US in addition to 9 nine countries around the globe. Envisioning the

future 100 years from now, our holo-portraits will be compared to the

daguerreotypes of early photography- an extreme honor and priceless

remembrance and generational keepsake for our clients to behold now.


Holo-portraits commissioned in our studios are life-size analog true 3D recordings

on archival glass plate emulsions with life expectancies of several hundred years.

All holograms are signed and dated by reowned holographer Rob Taylor and the

master transmission hologram is retained for future copies if so desired. Sitting

and holographic mastering with viewing of proof(s) can be completed the same

day with the final reflection display hologram being usually available within a

few days. Appointments and deposits are required for sittings and we offer

airport pick-up service and can arrange for accommodations and scenic tours

during your stay with us. Studio locations are Nashville Indiana and St. Charles


In addition to our conventional analog pulsed portraits, we now

are able to offer full-color animated digital hologram portraits using our new

digital i-Lumogram hologram technology. High-quality hologram portraits can be

filmed in studio or on location with our HoloCam image capture system.

Inexpensive, small 5x7 inch digital holograms can be produced using your own

mobile phone camera! With our digital i-Lumogram hologram technology and

our own talented CGI artist/designers, we now can even produce extremely

photo-realistic hologram portraits of the deceased!

Please inquire if you are interested
in the limitless possibilities of hologram portraiture.