We occasionally rent out our facilities to research scientists, doctors,

and artists for their own collaborations. Because our high energy 

pulsed laser equipment is highly specialized, we provide on-site

technicians to help clients and assure them of completing their goals.


We have a daily flat rate fee plus material usage which makes our

lab facilities extremely cost effective to use and our automated 

equipment means little time is wasted on the technology so you can

devote your time to capturing the 3/D image or results you want.

Please contact us as to rates and studio availability.

Pulsed Holography Lab Specifications-

Laser- Pulsed 2 Joule Nd:YLF Glass Phosphate , 35ns pulse width, 526.5 nm wavelength output, coherence length, >12 feet.

Imaging area, ~ 9x9x9 feet.


H1 Transmission holograms up to 20x24 inches.

H2 Reflection holograms up to 20x24 inches.

H2 Rainbow holograms up to 20x24 inches.

Hologram silver-halide substrates available, glass plates, film, film to glass.

Recording materials- Slavich VRP-M plates & film, Agfa millimask plates, Fuji F HL film,

Ultimate-15 plates & film, FilmoTec ORWO film. Subject to availability.